Delivery room miracle shocks doctors – the birth that became world news

Alexandra and her husband Antonin found out that she was pregnant and they were over the moon.

They already had a young son but they were more than deligthed to welcome another child.

But then they found out that they were going to be having twins and they double equally delighted.

But then the doctor told them something they would not be prepared to hear

One she saw the photo scan she began to cry.

But then the doctor told her she was going to be having triplets.

She did not know how to feel, but then after more scans it was revealed she had 4 fetuses.

Finally after the initial stage of pregnancy they eventually found out that she was going to be having 5 babies!

When the birth time came in 2013 she had four boys and a girl without any complications!

She expected it to be much worse than anything, but was not too bad after the C-Section

Her partner missed the birth after he was caught in traffic.

He said he cried the whole way to the hospital as he knew he was going to miss the birth.

The quintuplets were conceived aurally and there was no IVF used.

According to the chief of medicine at Prague’s ‘Institute of care for mothers and babies’ all of the babies looked fighting fit when they came into the world.

The children are now somewhat grown up and happy and healthy.

What would you do if this happened to you when you went for a scan?

Would you be able to handle it?

Do you think they are a gorgeous family?

The chance of conceiving quintuplets is one in 47 million. Think about that for an incredibly stat and go do the lotto!

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