Daughter Finds Mom’s Lost Wedding Photo In Window, Then Screams When She Find’s Her Mother’s..

Her day was going like any other normal day out shopping as Jane Fine Foster moved hurriedly on to her next destination. Her day was quickly about to change as she passed an antique shop called A Robin’s Nest something caught her eye. Jane had to look again as her mind had an epilepsy of flashbacks to her childhood… yes she thought – its her.

Jane had just stumbled upon a picture of her mother’s wedding photo from back in 1948, a picture Jane thought lost with the times long ago. 10 year’s prior her family missed a payment on a storage locker and all the family heirlooms were lost and sold at auction.

Watch the video below, posted by Jane in February 2017, as she explains this amazing divine intervention she experienced that day.

Not only does Jane find the picture of her dearly loved mother, but she finds something much more precious belonging to her dear mother. Jane was shocked to find it wrapped in pieces of newspaper dating 1948! YES! The day her mother was wed.

The owner of A Robin’s Nest – Shane Allerheiligen had noticed this woman in his shop get emotional and overwhelmed as she viewed certain items. When Jane approached him to enquire about them Shane had a few queries of his own. On hearing Jane’s story, Shane makes a touching gesture to an already overly emotional Jane.

Jane recalls him saying, “There is no price for this dress. It has made its way back to you. It’s home.”

Watch the video to see the events of Jane’s roller coaster day.


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