Dad Sent Age 3 Girl To Stand In Yard At 3am For Not Finishing Milk. She Hasn’t Been Seen Since..

A missing person investigation is underway for a little girl who went missing without a trace. Detectives are frantically searching for the missing girl who disappeared suddenly.
The incident took place in the early hours of the morning on Oct. 7, when little Sherin Mathews was directed by her father to stand outside in the cold. He was angry with the little girl for not finishing her milk and used this as a form of discipline.
Her father, Wesley Mathews informed the police she was last seen at 3 a.m in the alley behind the house they resided in. More worringly so – he informed the police he had occasionally spotted coyotes in the area, he still directed his daughter to stand outside alone as a punishment.
Mathew had left his little girl unattended outside in the dark for 15 minutes according to police. By the time he went to bring his daughter back inside, the little girl was nowhere to be seen.

The little girls disappearance was not reported to police until 5 hours after she had vanished. An immediate Ambler alert was issued to try find her but has since been discontinued.
Local authorities decided to take this action because there was not enough information available to continue the alert. Detectives have since taken laptops, phones and vehicles from the family home for thorough inspection.
Police have detained her father under suspicion of abandoning or endangering his child. He has since been released on bond pending further investigation. Both Mathews and his wife now are refusing to speak with detectives.

Authorities have taken Sherin’s older sister into child custody, she is now in state foster care pending the result of further investigations.
Sherin Mathews has still not been found. Preceding her adoption by the Mathews, she lived in a halfway house in India, where she endured malnourishment that made her have growth issues and poor communication with people.

Police have been scouring through hours of security footage in order to find any trace of Sherin. Last seen wearing a pink shirt with black pants and pink flip flops. She is three feet tall and has brown eyes and black hair.
Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is aske to contact Richardson Police Department at 972-744-4800.
We pray that little Sherin will be found safe and well and that no harm has come to her.
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