Dad Purchases Rusty Double Decker Bus And Transforms It Into Luxury Home For Himself And Child

Living a life of luxury can mean different things to different people. However how many people would look at a run down old double-decker bus and believe they could transform it into a tiny palace. This particular father proved that he could! Adam Collier, decided to build the home of his dreams which has made his daughter very happy.

Collier is from Brighton, UK, is known the most notable amount of buses and have an emphasis on recycling. He combined both a bus and recycling into one when he decided to make his dream home. Collier is a DIY handyman and as he was driving home from a job, he noticed something amazing.

To most people, it would have been an eyesore, but Collier only saw an opportunity. It was a dilapidated old double-decker bus. It looked like it was heading for the junkyard very soon. But Collier was determined to avoid this from happening. He contacted the company that was scrapping the bus and explained that he had to have it.

The company had never had this kind of request from someone who didn’t work in the scrapping industry before. But they said that if he had the cash, then he could have it.Collier drove back to his current home. All along the way, he was imagining the many varied improvements that he could make on the vehicle.

By the next morning, Collier was feeling confident. So confident that he set himself an incredibly tight budget. He told his daughter the “great” news: he’d purchased a run-down old bus, and he was going to transform it into their dream home. And the really amazing thing was that he was going to do it for only £10,000 (that’s about $13,000.)

Collier’s daughter looked at Collier like he was crazy. There was no way she was moving out of their home and into a bus. There was no way that he could improve the vehicle on such a small budget.

Collier had been a handyman for a number of years where he learned a lot about improving things on a budget. Collier decided to renovate the battered old bus. He took out the 42 seats first which were welded onto the floor.

Collier found a nasty surprise waiting for him after he removed all the seats from the bus. There was no insulation so he would definitely need to eat into his budget.

However this didn’t stop him from proceeding, he would just have to be more creative.

Then he drilled beams across the bus as it required extra support to stop it from collapsing any time soon.

Collier completed all the work in his spare time. His friends and family wondered where he was all this time as he kept it a secret from his family.

As the months passed, he eventually had a beautiful home on wheels which he was proud of.

The finished product is a marvel of design, without taking the complications of weight distribution into consideration.

In order for the bus to remain stable he had to ensure that the lower deck would have less weight. While the bus had a huge transformation, Collier left some things intact like the seating capacity lettering and a sign saying “Watch Your Head!”

On the upper deck are a seating nook and a corridor that leads to three impressive bedrooms.

The bus alone cost him £4,500, lack of insulation and a broken generator meant had additional expense which went over budget.

He ended up spending £15,000 ($19,000) which is an amazing price for a three bedroom home that has no property taxes! Once the project was complete, he showed his daughter, who was utterly amazed.

Collier and his daughter drive around Britain and Europe whenever they can!

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