Dad Asks Baby If He Slept Well, Baby’s Hilarious “Answer” Has Internet Falling In Love

Having a newborn baby can often be a daunting task to most. But their needs are quite simple at this stage of their life, they sleep, eat and poop! When babies are born they have a limited set of experiences, as they grow and develop, so too do their facial expressions and means of interacting with their parents.

They are so adorable to watch at this age! So adorable in fact, that only a baby could make an angry pouting facial expression look quite simply put – heart melting. Meet baby Oliver, who is also know as “The Orb.”

Oliver’s father decided to record his interactions with his son one day and the footage he got has the internet rolling around in laughter. When he asks Oliver a very simple question, the babies response to the question has melted peoples hearts all over the world!

Oliver’s father records as baby Oliver is just waking up from a nap, and wow does this sleepy little guy show off every facial expression and feeling in the world! As this cute and adorable baby emerges out of his deep sleep, he yawns with passion, squirms with intent, stretches with strength, and adjusts with vigor – the “waking up moment” is too beautiful for words.

Eventually, after Oliver spends some time squirming and moving around, he gradually becomes comfortable and slowly begins to open his heavy eyelids. His father avidly records, as he waits to ask his son a very important question.

With all of the hilarious expressions he’s been showing off for us, we certainly can’t wait to hear his response. He’s just too darn cute!

The very moment Oliver’s eyes open, his dad says “Good morning” to his cute little boy. Suddenly Oliver’s eyes widen as he glares back at his father whilst blinking slowly.

His dad then fires another question at his son, “Did you sleep well?” Oliver continues to stare at his father with quite a serious expression on his little face, in someway seeming like he is attempting to give a reply to the question. And then out of nowhere,he “answers” the question.

Watch the video of baby Oliver below and see his heart-melting response for yourself:

Do you have a baby, niece or nephew that makes facial expressions like Oliver? Let us know in the comments section on facebook if yo do.

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