Crazy Comparison Pictures That Will Freak You Out

It’s often difficult to judge things unless they are side-by-side. Depending on the size, age, or general change, it helps us learn more about the world being able to compare.

Take a look at the photos in this list, you will see how a comparison can give you a fascinating yet different perspective.

1. “Chichen Itza in 1892 vs. Present-day.”

There are still so many discoveries to be made around the world!

2. “[Sennheiser] vs. Beats headphones.”

Headphones should last a long time so make sure you invest wisely.

3. “Small vs Medium Orange Juice at McDonalds.”

Don’t get caught out with this one.

4. “Hippo vs Kids Stare Down.”

These kids are brave, hippo’s can be dangerous creatures!

5. “The Arctic 103 years vs today.”

Beautiful scenery of our glaciers and ice walls.

6. “Girls’ vs Boys’ “

Girls should aspire for different values than the messages sent to boys?

7. “Bald eagle size vs [coyote], caught on trail cam.”

This capture reminds us that how gigantic they are.

8. “Smoking vs Non-smoking ceiling at Danang airport in Vietnam.”

Smoking is bad for the body, here is a reminder of what it does to physical surroundings.

9. “1990 vs. 2018.”

With the development of the smartphone the world is at our fingertips.

10. “Pixar in 1995 vs 2015.”

The improvement in animation quality makes watching movies from 2000s seem ancient now.

11. “Detroit 2003 Vs Now.”

What a big change in such a short period of time!

12. “The size of a tornado compared to the size of wind turbines.”

Wind turbines are already impossibly massive, so seeing things tower them to near invisibility is nothing short of terrifying.

13. “Jack Sparrow [Drawing] 2015 vs 2017.”


14. “Megalodon tooth vs. Great White tooth.”

Thankfully we only have to deal with sharks now instead of their predecessors.

15. “Technology advances”

How technology has changed.

16. “2001 vs 2020.”

Apple have taken over the world.

17. “Rosetta’s comet compared to Los Angeles.”

Rosetta’s comet is less than half the size of the comet which made dinosaurs extinct.

18. “Chimpanzee finger VS human finger.”

How I discovered chimpanzees have unique fingerprints and muscular fingers for climbing.

19. “Australia vs Pluto.”

Pluto might be a safer place to live?

20. “Human brain vs Dolphin brain.”

Dolphins were believed to be more intelligent than humans, perhaps it’s true.

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