Couple was just out for a swim when suddenly it surfaced from deep beneath

Emmy Rose Curtis and Brad Nicholls, who work for a whale watching companies, are not strangers when it comes to Whales. However, even they were surprised at this incredible encounter that happened near the Gold Coast Seaway.

This couple from Australia had just jumped off their bought in order to test some new equipment for filming. “All we were doing was playing underwater with the GoPro cameras, when all of a sudden, we found something much larger than a turtle there, “Curtis told ABC 7. “Having been at this job for over 10 years, such kind of behavior from whales is unprecedented, particularly when we were near a boat.”

The whales not only came up extremely close to the swimmers, but they playfully started slapping the water and swimming with them. At least two large humpback whales were swimming with them for close to a couple of hours, touching them with their pectoral fins and singing.

Despite the enormous size, the couple never felt themselves to be in any sort of danger. “The movement of the whales was extremely gentle and slow, it’s like they did not want to hurt us,” mentions Curtis to ABC 7.

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