Couple Adopts Newborn Baby And 18 Years Later They Say She Doesn’t Fit In With Their Family

When Beth and Jim adopted a newborn baby girl named Maddie eighteen years ago, they were not prepared for the major curveball life would throw at them.

Everything seemed fine, until at the age of 9, Maddie was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder. From there things quickly took a downward spiral.

Maddie accepts that due to her condition she can be very volatile and difficult to deal with. She understands the importance of the mental health treatment she receives. However, she also puts blame on her parents who have used her mental illness against her and the way they treat her, as if she is the reason behind the family’s dysfunction.

Maddie claims that her parents, Beth and Jim, have kicked her out of the family home on multiple occasions and have sent her to medical institutions against her will – as because she was not the “picture perfect child” they had wanted.

In this emotional interview with Dr. Phil, Maddie reveals how she feels so unloved and that her parents regret the very day they adopted her.

Even her father Jim admits to having second thoughts. “She doesn’t fit in,” he said. “There are times when I’ve wondered what it would be like to have my own children.”

While being questioned by Dr.Phil, Beth and Jim reveal why the actions they have taken with Maddie have been so drastic. The question everyone is asking themselves is – Is she really as out of control as her adoptive parents are claiming?

Watch the video below and see how this family comes together to try get a solution to their complicated issues at home.
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