Cops Say It’s The Worst Crime They Ever Saw, Couple Can Only Be Explained As Satan’s Spawns

Border control is a hot topic these days. In the past, people have tried to smuggle several different things across the border, while both entering the U.S. and departing the U.S. And while smuggling drugs and goods is one thing…the body of a two-year-old child is quite another.

While attempting to enter Mexico on foot, a couple was stopped and investigated near Tijuana at the San Ysidro port of entry. And it’s a good thing that they were stopped because authorities discovered that they had a duffel bag filled with the body of a 2-year-old girl. They were immediately arrested at the border station when Mexican authorities saw the body while they were X-raying the bag.

On August 9th, Mercy Mary Becerra, 44 and Johnny Lewis Hartley, 39 were immediately stopped  and charged with one felony count of murder, torture and assault on a child causing death. The girl, who has only been identified as, ‘Angelina W.,’ was found dead and stuffed in a duffel bag. The couple was also charged with human trafficking to commit pimping and pandering in connection with the girl’s mother.

On Thursday, Becerra and Hartley plead not guilty to murdering and torturing the girl. At this time, they are scheduled to attend a March 16th hearing in downtown Los Angeles. If there is significant evidence, then they will go on to stand trial. If found guilty, the pair could be faced with life sentences.

Becerra attempted to flee when she was being handed over to US Customs and Border Protection, but she was caught right away and transferred into American custody.

According to officials, the two-year-old girl had allegedly drowned at home in August, in Whittier, which is a suburb of of Los Angeles. Her body was discovered after the fact. Authorities are in the process of trying to determine if the drowning was accidental or pre-meditated. They did confirm that the girl had been malnourished prior to the drowning.

Officials also believe that the girl’s mother was trafficked between November 2012 and August 2016. Los Angeles prosecutors said the girl had been severely abused and killed around August 9th. The girl had not been reported as missing, so it is still a mystery as to where the mother of the child is at this time.

As they await their March hearing, Becerra and Hartley remain in jail with a set bail of $3.2 million each.

As to be expected, commenters expressed their hate for the couple…

“Yes, there is a hell on earth.”

And some believe that face tattoos are a sign of evil…

“Anybody with face tattoos, should be stopped and searched daily. Evil demented people.”

“Poor child! I don’t think any person with a face tattoo has ever avoided spending time in prison. The two go hand in hand!”

And others brought the political piece into the story…

“Another reason to close our borders.”

And while the child wasn’t the offspring of the couple charged with murder, commenters believe that parents should be vetted prior to conceiving…

“Why does our society allow ANYONE like these people to have children???????? Every person who wants children must have a brain MRI TO MAKE SURE IF THEY ARE CAPABLE OF BEING A PARENT!!! Shame on the government and medical world for hiding the truth about psychopathy.”

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