Coconut Oil Can Do Wonders For Your Hair And Skin. However, When You Hear It’s New Discovered Effect, You’ll Fall Off Your Chair!

One of the most frequently diagnosed cancers is the colorectal cancer. Every year, around 95,000 new cases of cancer on the colon and 40,000 new diagnosis of rectal cancer happens only in the United States of America. Almost 50% of the people that get this diagnosis end up dead. It is mainly due to the fact that the conventional treatment to treat cancer such as chemotherapy or surgery is not always successful with such types of cancer. Moreover, there are a lot of side effects to such treatment options.


In a recently published study in the cancer research journal from the University of Adelaide, American scientists have found out that lauric acid which is found in coconut oil has miraculous properties to kill cancer cells. It exterminated about 90% of the cancer cells within 48 hours. The experiments were conducted in a Petri dish, and under hermetic conditions; however, they were not carried out on any living organism.


A lack of funding ensures that further studies in such miraculous properties of coconut oil cannot be studied. The main reason is also because pharmaceutical companies have not shown a lot of interest in this derivative of coconut oil, as they would more than likely want to sell their own products.


However, coconut oil has a lot of other positive benefits. Lauric acid, which is normally found in coconut oil is also a common component of the breast milk, and helps in the strengthening of the immune system. American Society for nutrition has conducted several studies which show that coconut oil has the capability to protect your body from various other diseases and even cure them. It has been particularly helpful towards diseases such as osteoporosis, gallbladder infections, chronic illnesses; Alzheimer’s and cancer along with viral diseases such as herpes, hepatitis C etc. coconut oil can also be used to mitigate any side effects of chemotherapy.


As it turns out, coconut oil is a proverbial silver bullet in order to combat various diseases. However, its users are not limited to the medical industry itself. It even has uses within the cosmetic industry, and happens to be a very popular remedy to take care of blemishes in the skin. Moreover, women in India swear by its concoction of making their hair shiny and silky for generations.

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