Celine Dion New Skinny Photos Confirms The Rumors

American singer/songwriter, actress, and producer, Mariah Carey rose to fame in 1990 when she released her first song, “Vision of Love”. The forty-seven-year-old singer proved herself as an excellent actress as well in movies such as The Bachelor, Death of a Dynasty and A Christmas Melody. Mariah Carey has had an amazing career for more than twenty years, and she still enjoys her ongoing success.

“Hello” singer and hit-maker Adele, who never had a problem with her plus-size frame, took the healthy road following the birth of her son in 2012. First and foremost, she cut down tea from her daily schedule and the results can be seen through her recent slimmed down figure. Her recipe for weight loss is a clean diet that includes fruits, lean protein, vegetables, and lots of complex carbohydrates, and a few gym sessions a week.

Cheers star, Kirstie Alley sure knows how to stay in the spotlight constantly. With many great roles and an active acting career, nowadays, Alley is included in many shows considering her weight gain and weight loss process. Going through menopause and reaching almost 228 pounds, Alley was determined to lose weight and, with diets and workout, she managed to drop fifty pounds. Today, she looks slimmer and feels much happier!

Hot in Cleveland wouldn’t have reached its success without Valerie Bertinelli among its cast. However, in 2007, a lot of people were surprised that Valerie looked out of shape in her additional 172 pounds. Shortly after being the hot topic of the media for quite a while, she decided that an immediate weight loss was in order. Together with regular exercise and a strict diet routine, Valerie was able to jumpstart her weight loss journey. Valerie is currently living with a healthier and fitter body.

American actress Chrissy Metz was struggling with overweight issues almost her entire life. Portraying the character of Kate Pearson in This Is Us – a girl who is fighting her weight control – it is somewhat a piece of Metz’s real life. Being depressed because of her looks and after having a panic attack, Metz decided it was time to get in shape. With diets and workout, she got rid of 100 pounds and will continue to work on her body until she loses all excess baggage. Well done!

The Biggest Loser season 9 runner-up Ashley Johnston lost over 183 pounds and a whopping 48% of her body fat. Once weighing nearly 500 pounds, the reality show participant began her weight loss journey under the guidance of nutritionist and fitness trainers present on the set jenof the reality show. To keep the excessive weight from coming back, Ashley has cut down her sugar consumption, utilizes meal preps for a balanced diet, and follows a weekly exercise regimen.

Melissa McCarthy is no stranger when it comes to playing memorable roles in some Hollywood comedies. With her rising fame, her weight had also increased, so much so that she decided to follow a weight loss program. Early in 2016, she decided to take a balanced diet and hit the treadmill as hard as she could which led to her losing seventy-five pounds. Together with her fans supporting her, McCarthy was able to stick to her goals and has remained fit until today.

Lisa Riley, the British actress who gave life to the character of Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale, was certainly launched into stardom with her role. However, she became even more popular when she had worked toward her fitness goals. Riley was able to shed 140 pounds off her weight and went down to a size 36 – all without the need for a gastric bypass surgery. According to Riley, she only followed her diet that was low-calorie and alcohol-free.

Gabourey Sidibe made her first film debut in 2009 with a leading role in Precious which brought her first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Then, she joined the cast of the TV series, The Big C., American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Freak Show. Fighting weight control and obesity for years, Sidibe was determined to start losing weight. With diets and regular exercise, she managed to lose fifty pounds. She is still working on her weight loss process and it was rumored that she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, but the actress never confirmed those stories!

Before Destiny’s Child had their final split, Kelly Rowland used to rock out with the band during her time there. But, after she gave birth, she strictly followed her diet plan and her rigorous workout program. Albeit unusual, Rowland was following an 80/20 diet plan – 80% of the healthy stuff and 20% of whatever she wanted. Fast forward four months later and Rowland was seventy pounds lighter without the need for any plastic surgery.

After appearing in Alice Through the Looking Glass as well as the Harry Potter franchise, Timothy Spall gained prominence, together with his plump appearance. However, his fat self was eventually buried in his past when he appeared at the Venice Film Festival. According to Spall, he credits his amazing transformation to rigorous workouts and a strict diet that he doesn’t go a day without following.

Despite the rumors and controversies surrounding their family, it’s an undeniable fact that the Kardashians are one glorious race. However, it’s not entirely in their genes as they also work hard for it – together with the struggles that go with it. Khloe Kardashian had gained some extra weight in 2015. So, to maintain their family’s repertoire of being good-looking, she sought help from her nutritionist who provided her with a composite diet plan. After that, she was able to shed off her extra pounds with the aid of dairy-free products, mixed sports, workout sessions, and exercises.

Currently playing the gorgeous Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds, the forty-five-year-old actress has been considered a major style icon and motivator when it comes to plus-sized women. While Kirsten Vangsness has received a lot of flak throughout her career for being overweight, she surprised fans in 2014 with her sudden weight loss, looking even more gorgeous. Kirsten has given credit for her weight loss to Renée Stephens’ book Full-Filled, a six-week plan to reduce weight without crash diets or surgery. Vangsness found the book included a spiritual method of losing weight by accepting oneself and forgetting words such as ‘discipline’, ‘diet’ or ‘willpower’. And though there hasn’t been an official record of how much weight she lost, it is believed Kirsten lost about fifty pounds.

Duchess of York and Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson has lost more than three stones in the last five years and has been keeping it off with her special diet – a combination of egg mayo, tomatoes, and mandarins. The Duchess has always found solace in food and used it as a tool to comfort herself after her parents got separated. She got serious about her health when she ‘ballooned’ to thirteen stone. Now, a strict fitness regimen and her own strange diet help her stay fit.

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and comedian known for her role as Brynn in the Bridesmaids. After years of fighting obesity, Wilson took her weight loss transformation very seriously. With strict diets and trips to the gym six days a week, she managed to shed thirty-five pounds, and she continues to lose more weight. Soon, the nickname “Fat Amy” will no longer apply.

There are not many filmmakers in Hollywood with a flawless record, but Peter Jackson happily makes the list. For his films such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Jackson has had a busy schedule. And with that, his healthy lifestyle went out the window, leading to his weight gain. He immediately got back on track when he decided to ditch high-calorie food, knowing how dangerous it can be for his weight control. Following a diet of fruits, yogurt, and vegetables, Jackson eventually lost 80 pounds.

In just two weeks, Sam Smith shocked his fans and the music industry when he shed fourteen pounds in such a short span of time. A lot of them were actually impressed and inspired by his weight loss journey. Today, Smith has continued his exercise and diet to keep his shape. Despite not having admitted it, a lot of people speculate that Smith has had gastric sleeve surgery.

Known for her roles in movies such as Legally Blonde, A Cinderella Story, and the American Pie series, the voluptuous actress has never quite been interested in being skinny. But after being stuck with only ‘character’ roles, Jennifer Coolidge underwent some weight loss, losing about thirty pounds of her body weight.

Raven Symone began her career when she was only four years old on the mega-popular TV sitcom, The Cosby Show. Afterward, she had her show – That’s So Raven on Disney Channel, and nowadays she is on the show Empire. After she had gained a few extra pounds, Symone decided to lose weight following diets and regular exercises. She dropped an incredible seventy pounds. She looks absolutely beautiful!

Graham Elliott is an American chef who became the youngest most famous four-star chef in Chicago at the age of only twenty-seven. Elliott was also a cooking judge on the shows MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. After reaching a weight of 400 pounds and putting his health in danger, Graham Elliott decided to make changes in his eating habits. He underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, dropping 150 pounds. Afterward, he continued with diets and exercise, losing fifty pounds more. He is much healthier now!

Finally celine Dion had a say on people commenting about her appearance. Here’s what she said

“I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy,” Celine told The Sun in a new interview.
Celine added that she does not want her weight to become a discussion.
“If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture,” she said. “If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”

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