Céline Dion cancel concerts due to ‘unforeseen medical’ reasons, now fans send their prayers

Life is slowly returning to normal for Céline Dion as she returns to Las Vegas for concerts. However, things have taken a turn as Dion was forced to cancel several concerts.

Céline Dion explained in a statement that she was heartbroken” about cancelling as a result of “unforeseen medical reasons.”

in 1968, Céline Dion was born, as a young child she was recognised for her incredible vocal talent. Celine went on tour for her first album when she was just a teenager. 

Getting to the top of the ladder in music doesn’t just happen overnight.

Céline Dion’s rise to fame

While representing Switzerland in the 1988 Eurovision song contest Céline Dion won which turned her into an international star.

Céline became one of the biggest-selling recording artists during the nineties and noughties. With songs such as theTitanic soundtrack My Heart Will Go OnBecause You Loved MeThe Power of Love, and Where Does My Heart Beat.

In 1991 Céline won a Grammy Award for her version of Beauty and the Beast, she also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song with My Heart Will Go Onsix years later.

The Canadian singer is still a huge star despite all the tragedies in her life. In 2016 her beloved husband Rene passed away which was heartbreaking for Dion.

“Losing my husband, for my kids to lose their father, it was quite something,” she explained. “I feel like René has given me so much through the years and still today. I see my kids, I look at them — we live with him. We still live with him. He’s part of our lives every day, so I have to say that I feel very, very strong.”

Lost her husband

In 2001 Céline Dion and René had their first son René-Charles Angélil.

Dion gave birth to fraternal twins at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida in October 2010.

Celiné named one son Eddy, after her favorite French songwriter, Eddy Marnay and the other was named Nelson, after former South African President Nelson Mandela.

“My greatest reward is my children. Unless you are a mum you don’t know what you’re missing or what it even is really. It felt for me that with all my children another heart grew inside of me,” she mentioned.

“I don’t believe in the umbilical cord being cut. For me it’s never cut, once you’re a mum you’re a mum for life  – it gives you true meaning to your life and it’s the most important job.”

“Who cares if people like me as a singer or not, they can find other singers and there will be other singers, she added. “But no other mother can be a better mother for my children than me. My children trust me so much, they need me so much – that is priceless to me.”

Céline still misses her husband,  three years after René’s passing she finally spoke out about her love life, saying that she wasn’t ready to open up her heart yet and start dating.

Quality time with her children

Dion still isn’t entirely sure about it.

“I don’t know, I have no idea,” Dion explained. “But right this second, love is so big right now in my life, with my kids, with life itself. I’m not thinking about a relationship and falling in love again. I don’t. Do I have to say that it will never happen anymore? I don’t know.”

Céline Dion first started performing at her parent’s piano bar when she was five. It appears the musical gene has also been passed on to her children.

Celine spent more time with her children during the pandemic.

“Aside from working on school, they are playing piano and drawing. Last summer, fall and winter, we spent a lot of time in Quebec doing activities outside, but the kids were also listening to a lot of jazz music,” Céline Dion remarked.

“I was like, ‘Oh, my God, how soothing. That’s a good surprise.’ And they were talking to me about, “Mom, I want to watch ‘Star Wars.’ Can you buy us some lightsabers?’ So lightsabers, trampoline, drawing, cooking, and piano. That’s been amazing. It’s a different world right now, and I’m happy that they’re picking up things to play with and trying stuff.”

Céline Dion lives in Las Vegas with her son’s which is one of the reasons she loves performaning there.

Celine Dion´’s Las Vegas career

Céline Dion began a four-year Las Vegas residency in 2003 which became the most successful of all time, grossing more than $385 million.

Dion returned to the Las Vegas stage for a residency at Ceasar’s Palace where her performances set a new world record. Dion also holds the records for the two best-selling residencies of all time.

She is eager to get back on the road and perform in front of her millions of fans. Once the pandemic is over her world tour is set to continue.

”The tour was canceled, the whole world was shut off. It was definitely different, but for us, we were very fortunate,” she told Today on the pandemic.

“It was the old-fashioned family fun, simple pleasures of life, playing outside a lot, cooking. Honestly, making the best out of this.”

In November 2021, Dion was set to once again take to the Las Vegas stage for a brand-new show at Resorts World Las Vegas. It was, to begin with, 10 shows, at the largest and tallest stage in all of “Sin City.”

“Vegas had given us a family and I an opportunity for me to be a mom, for them to be kids, for me to perform for my fans and to practice my passion,” she told Today. “And every night, come home.. that is rare. I really feel that Vegas has given me motherhood and the best as an artist. The best of both worlds.”

Céline Dion forced to cancel gigs

“[The new Las Vegas shows ] is going to be about energy, about starting again, about living again, about feeling that something will come out of this, hopefully.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for Céline Dion to return to the stage but she has suffered a major setback.

Céline shared the sad news that she has to postpone several concert dates in Las Vegas due to “unforeseen medical symptoms, Celine has been experiencing severe and persistent muscle spasms which are preventing her from performing,” the statement read, as reported by Entertainment Online. “Her medical team continues to evaluate and treat her. However, the symptoms she is experiencing are prohibiting her from participating in the ongoing rehearsals for the new show.”

Céline explained in an instgram pst that she feel “heartbroken” about having to postpone the concerts.

Céline Dion: “I feel so bad”

“My team and I have been working on our new show for the past eight months, and to not be able to open this November saddens me beyond words. My partners at Resorts World Las Vegas and AEG have been working around the clock to get this brand-new state-of-the-art theatre ready, and it’s absolutely beautiful,” the 53-year-old singer wrote.

“I feel so bad that I’m letting them down, and I’m especially sorry for disappointing all the fans who’ve been making their plans to come to Las Vegas. Now, I have to focus on getting better… I want to get through this as soon as I can. – Celine.”

Céline Dion is arguably one of the greatest artists of all time. Soon, her many millions of fans will be able to see a whole new side of their favorite singer.

“I’ve always been an open book with my fans,” Céline Dion said in a statement.

“And with [Taylor’s] sensitivity and thoughtful creativity, I think that Irene will be able to show everyone a part of me that they haven’t seen before… I know she’ll tell my story in the most honest and heartfelt way.”

“Going on this journey with a legendary artist such as Celine Dion is an extraordinary opportunity for me as a filmmaker,” Taylor added. “Having access to examine her life and inimitable career will allow me to create a multifaceted portrait of an iconic, global superstar, which I look forward to sharing with the world.”

New Celiné Dion documentary

Celine announced recently that a documentary about is being her made. Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brosky, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, Short Subject in 2009 for The Final Inch, will be directing it.

Tom Mackay, president of premium content at Sony Music Entertainment, said that they are very excited to share Céline Dion’s achievements with fans all around the world.

“Celine Dion is one of the most sought-after recording artists of all time. We are honored to collaborate with her to produce this much-anticipated documentary,” he said.

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