40 Tragic Photos of Quarantined Celebrities

At this point no one really knows how long we’ve been in quarantine. Since everything has been shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, celebrities are also housebound.

We have gathered multiple celeb posts recently from their Insta stories to check out how they have been surviving these tragic times? It appears everyone’s been suffering this quarantine, from Jennifer Aniston to Kylie Jenner. Take a look below, I saved the best for last.

First up is David Geffen who is isolated on his super yacht.

Looks like it’s a solo party, which is kind of sad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is helplessly lounging in his hot tub.

Yes, this is what us regular folks needed to see in order to stay home.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is finding out what she is and isn’t good at.

Veep shows how difficult quarantine life is to manage on your own.

Julianne Moore needs to do something for her own sake.

I don’t think anyone’s ever coming over again.

Is Jessica Chastain spying on the internet?

This video is insane perhaps Jessica Chastain might be losing it a little.

Wonder how Dame Judi Dench is doing?

To make a proper comparison we should look at celebrities’ Instagrams when they are not in quarantine.

Madonna attempted to write a new song.

Not sure if fried fish is a quarantine meme?

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is cuttin’ real loose.

Giving someone giving recipe instructions for a cocktail like “two cups of vodka” and pouring in, like, four gallons is priceless.

Wells from Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t feel like he’s knocking on Heaven’s door.

This guy doesn’t feel good about himself unless he’s helping hot, insane people get over being dumped or cheated on.

Jennifer Love Hewitt finally did it.

I’ll be shocked if we don’t all have colored hair by the end of all this.

Dr. Phil has provided us with the best catchphrase of them all.

Man, I can’t wait for sports to come back so I can go chant “BIG KNIFE SMALL WIFE” with a crowd.



Glenn Close drops the thread.

Hey, we can all sympathize with Glenn Close here. How man times during quarantine have you started to… you know… Uh… *makes farting sound with armpit and runs away*

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend know how to handle this whole thing.

If Chrissy said, “I’m just going to add 1/3 a cup of wine” before she started pouring, it would have made it a whole lot better.

Mathew McConaughey remains consistent in these troubling times.

At least he’s staying on-brand.

Gwyneth Paltrow seems strangely concerned.

Justin Timberlake can go right to hell.

Right now, the only thing keeping Justin Timberlake from getting his ass kicked is social distancing.

God bless him, Liam Gallagher tried his best to be funny.

Madonna’s bizarre “fried fish” is painful.

Shawn Mendes shares positive words.

Hey can I live in your garden.

Josh Gad is embarrassing.

Keep it to yourself, Olaf.

Lady Gaga just laid it all out.

Lady Gaga confirms that God is, in fact, a “She”!

Diplo knows what’s really at stake here.

Seems like Diplo is the real victim in all of this.

Anthony Hopkins looks out from his window.

Don’t worry Anthony eventually you’ll be back outside, hunting down those you deem your lessers, to cook and eat their vital organs.

Helen Mirren is offering a trade.

Seems like a fair deal to me.

Jonathan Van Ness embraces his inner Jesus.

The Queer Eye star let his hair get long, his beard get grungy, and his religious references get overt.

Jim Carrey misses the days before he had a quarantine beard.

Someone please tell him that he can stop having a quarantine beard.

Looks like Mariah Carey is keeping up that fitness grind.

Great to see you doing your workouts, Mariah.

Sam Smith ain’t feeling the best.

Celebrities faces are too sad for their circumstances, Sam Smith deleted this post after making people pull out their tiny violins.

Man, I just do not know what to do with Jared Leto.

Jared Leto making and selling shirts featuring bad Star Wars references?

Selena Gomez is having herself a great time.

I wish I found cooking as much fun as Selena.

Weird Al is taken for granted.

While Madonna and Liam Gallagher are attempting to do the Weird Al thing.

Alicia Keys sends a message from a beautiful unfamiliar, place.

I wonder where is Alicia Keys?

Heidi Klum is well isolated.

Heidi Klum and her husband were both feeling sick, so they’re isolating.

Here is JLO’s son using his hoverboard to serve her and Arod refreshments in their yard that’s the size of a city park.

I struggle to my kids to pass the remote when they’re right next to me.

Celebs they have more space than they know what to do with.

How on earth will they manage to get through this?

Ellen’s home gym is bigger than my living room.

Plus, the outdoor view is amazing.

Lauren Conrad set up this fort for her kids it beats any restaurant/lounge I’ve ever visited.

There’s no way in the world she allows her kids to play on white furniture.

Jennifer Aniston’s dog showing off all of the outdoor space he gets to hang out in.

Clyde didn’t have to do that to us.

Cesc Fabrega attempts to give us peasants a laugh from his outdoor balcony overlooking the city.

Ten out of ten for comedy effort.

Perrie Edwards has stairs inside of her kitchen.

Well I thought I had seen it all.

Drake will not have friends to join him for a game in his private basketball court during quarantine.

We should definitely listen if a celebrity with an enormous kitchen reminds us to stay home.

Quarantine is bringing out all of the singing celebrities.

Martha Stewart has the world’s largest collection of copper pots and pans.

Ginger and lemon tea is great when you’re feeling unwell

January Jones prepares for quarantine in her bedazzled robe and impeccable bathroom.

Thanks for the self-care tips.

Kourtney Kardashian hangs out by this gigantic pool.

I just want to look this good for at least one hour during this quarantine.

Gal Gadot closet is bigger than my master bathroom.

Oh to dream of having a closet like this.

Nicole Richie has her very own little garden.

If only we could all stay out of grocery stores.

Jimmy Fallon films the final ‘Tonight Show’ in his home which has a slide.

Don’t you just love how Ciara’s entire family can fit in her kitchen for a TikTok dance.

Some of us are lucky if we can fit two people in our kitchens.

Justin and Hailey Bieber dance the virus away in their amazing living room.

Let’s hope this works.

Cardi B has plenty space in her home to run full speed into a set of giant Jenga pieces.

Cardi B is totallu hilarious.

Let’s hope these celebrities make it through the quarantine in their limited space. Especially when us regular folks are safe and stay home.

Zoom into the glorious looking wine shelf behind her.

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