Car Plows Through Stop Sign Toward 2-Year-Old, Nanny Knows It’s Either Her Or Toddler

Every single parent in the world will do anything in their power to protect their child. Little 2-year-old Fox was not so fortunate to have his parents there to help when he was faced with a very dangerous scenario.
Someone who was with him that day however, was his nanny Caroline Maurer. Although no one can replace the unique bond that exists between parents and their children, The bond Maurer and Fox share grew even stronger after this terrifying incident.
Caroline had been nanny to Fox before he was even old enough to eat solids. Being a first time mother, Courtney Davis hired Maurer and found that she was just what the family needed in their lives.

This became even more apparent on March 28. Maurer and Fox set out for a morning walk through their neighborhood that morning.
As they approached a street, Maurer checked to ensure no cars were at the four way crossing stops. The coast was clear and all appeared safe.
Within an instance a car appeared from nowhere and ploughed straight through the stop sign without little or no warning. Turning hazardously to the left it was now travelling directly towards the nanny and the 2-year-old.
Spotting the danger, Maurer knew she would have to make a quick decision. Both her and the baby were in the cars path.
She immediately pushed the stroller as hard as she could to get the child out of harms way. Screaming to the driver to stop, she raised her hands defensively to brace herself for the oncoming car.
Maurer was hit by the vehicle and suffered in fractures in her arm,hand and wrist. Injured and confused on the ground she could hear the traumatic cries of Fox in his stroller. He was strapped in and safe from danger but she was unable to comfort him due to her injuries.

She said, “He was screaming Nanny Caroline I love you which was breaking my heart because I couldn’t hold him.” And no word of a lie, Fox’s parents love their Nanny Caroline, too.
Bill Wolkoff, Fox’s dad,said, “I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives.” Who started YouCaring page to raise money for the nannies medical expenses started by both of Fox’s parents.

Maurer posted this to Facebook in response to the YouCaring page, “Publicly reliving this leaves me grateful, tearful, loved, and anxious regarding my own worthiness in this crazy world brimming with need. I am happiest to see Fox, still whole – still perfect.”
Amazingly Fox only had a couple of scrapes after the accident, but Maurer’s life has been turned upside down. Not knowing if she will eventually gain full use of her hands ever again. We hope she will have a full recovery and commend her for her courageous actions to protect little Fox putting her own life at risk.
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