Cameron Diaz quit acting because it was not enough for her – now she feels “whole” again

Back in the nineties Cameron Diaz was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and had multiple award winning nominations. 

However it was at this point she decided to step away from the limelight as she felt this was’t the life for her.

At sixteen she began her first modelling career when she signed with Elite model agency appearing in ads for Calvin Klein and Levi’s which brought her all around the world.

Five years later she secured a role in The Mask alongside Jim Carey. At this point Diaz had no experience in acting experience and began taking acting lessons after being cast.

In 1994 she appeared in the highest rated movies which deemed her as a much sought after actress.

Diaz starred in over forty movies over the next twenty years she appeared in at least three movies per year during the nineties from romantic comedies to critically acclaimed movies and sports drama Any Given Sunday.

Cameron received four Golden Globe nominations, was nominated for a BAFTA award and received three nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards and secured a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

However the forty year old actress made a decision that would change her life.

Cameron admitted in an interview that she had an urge to manage her life based on her terms.

“For me, I just really wanted to make my life manageable by me. My routine in a day is literally what I can manage to do by myself.

Diaz felt that her career was just feeding ‘Cameron Diaz the machine’ and not her spiritual side and decided to take a step back.

“I think you probably can relate to this,” Diaz said on Kevin’s show ‘Hart to Heart.’

“When you do something at a really high level for a really long period of time, there’s a lot that — when you’re the person who’s sort of delivering on this one thing. You’re the person on the screen, you’re the person who’s ‘the talent’ — everything around you, all parts of you that isn’t that, has to be handed off to other people.”

Cameron mentioned that stepping away from her career and filling her day with what she could manage herself made her feel “whole” again.

Back in 2014, Diaz dated musician Justin Timberlake where she was introduced to lead guitarist Benji Madden from Good Charlotte band’s.

The couple were introduced months earlier by Nicole Richie who is married to Madden’s twin brother Joel Madden.

On 5th January twelve months later the couple got married in Beverly Hills.

Diaz was instantly attract to Benji and asked herself “how come I didn’t see him before? “I saw him walking towards me and I was like, ‘Huh, he’s hot. I haven’t seen him before,’” however when she found out who he was she thought “Oh, you, you, you’re special. You’re the guy. You’re the hidden gem in my life.

In 2014, Cameron played the iconic role of Miss Hannigan in Annie and has since started a family of her own after giving birth to daughter Raddix in December 2019.

After completely removing herself from acting she ventured down another career path and launched an organic wine brand Avaline with business partner Katherine Power.

Diaz devotes her time to being the best parent possible especially since she wished to be a mother for such a long time.

Cameron finally got her wish, she “loves it more than she imagined” adding that the couple is the “perfect team” for parenting. 

Her story proves that all the money and success in the world won’t buy you happiness and family are most important. 

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