Caitlyn Jenner Has Just Accidently Revealed That Kylie May Have Given Birth

Kylie jenner is not revealing much when it comes to her being pregnant.

Some fans are convinced that she may already have given birth and she is trying to keep it private.

But some people think Caitlyn Jenner may have left the cat out of the bag too early

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, the former Olympian tripped over her words when asked how many grandkids she has, fuelling speculation that she had to have a quick think about how many she was allowed to reveal.

Has Caitlyn let the cat out of the bag?

His/her daughter Kylie is rumored to have been pregnant and due shortly

She got flustered when asked how many gran children she had.

“I’ve got 12… 13 grandchildren,” she said, which was a mistake. She actually has 11 – three from daughter Cassandra, one from son Burt, one from son Brandon, three from step-daughter Kourtney Kardashian, two from her sister Kim and one from their brother Rob.

Do you think this was a slip of the tongue or a genuine mistake?

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