Boy Forced To Stand Outside BAREFOOT As Punishment. When Mom Looks Down, She Knows She’s In Trouble

Parents of a six-year-old son have come under trouble with the law enforcement after they have allegedly forced to their child to stand outside in about 94° heat barefoot, which caused severe burns to his skin.

According to the reports filed by ABC 15, the authorities had been called to the Arizona born center located at Maricopr Medical Center on 12 July in order to check on the condition of a young boy. He had been rushed to the hospital with severe burns all along the soles of the feet.

Upon being interviewed by detectives, Mark Simmons, the father of the boy admitted that he had taken the boy outside and made him stand barefoot in the backyard on bare ground as punishment.

Although it was nearly about hundred degrees in Phoenix in that afternoon, the boy was forced to stand outside on the pavement for about 10 minutes before he had been allowed to come inside. As soon as the stepmother, Sarah Simmons saw the burns on his feet, she cut the blisters developed, and mentioned that if it did not stop crying, he would have to go back outside.

Although Simmons gets free medication and clean the burns of the child, and bandaged up’s feet before taking him to the hospital, the damage had already been clearly done.

Going by the report filed by the detectives, although Simmons was reluctant to tell the investigators what she had done as the child and safety Department of Arizona had only visited her, it was mainly due to her thought of losing her children that led her in this path.

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