Billionaire Richard Branson Turns His Multi Million Dollar Mansion In To A Hurricane Shelter

As Hurricane Irma wreaks terrible destruction on the Caribbean Island one man decided that he would use his considerable wealth to help others.

Billionaire Richard Branson turned his Multi Million dollar luxury hideaway in to a Hurricane shelter for the islanders of Necker which he owns and resides on.

The billionaire philanthropist decided to stay on the Island and ride out the storm which he generally does for all major storms that the region suffers.

Branson has a strong bond with the island and it’s people and was not prepared to sit by in luxury whilst the beleaguered islanders suffered the storm in their own basic accommodation.

He decided to open his home to the islanders and they are currently in shelter riding out the storm in his Wine Cellar.

The record breaking Mega Hurricane Irma has already left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean and has even left one Island uninhabitable.

Even with millions spent on the resort and his luxury mansion the storm could do major damage to Branson’s estate and he’s preparing for the worst.


We hope Richard and the islanders are safe and well and lets face it there are worse places to ride out a storm than in the wine cellar of a luxury mansion!

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