Babysitter Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes When She Started Reading The List Of Rules From The Kids’ Mom

Babysitting is really hard.

Not only for the babysitter but for the parents too.

If you’ve worked as a babysitter you understand how nerve wrecking it can be at times.

The thought of someone entrusting you with the life of their children can be terrifying, especially if you have no prior experience of looking after those kids.


And if you’re a parent, it’s even harder. leave your children in the care of a complete stranger.

You’re leaving your children in the care of a complete stranger.

It’s enough to make any parent feel sick at the thought.

But, luckily, some parents leave notes to help out the babysitter with their little demons.

That’s exactly what happened here, but the parents were a little too honest in the note.

To the point where the babysitter didn’t know if they were being serious or not…


We’ll leave you to be the judges of that.

The hilarious list of rules was posted online by Malik Brazile.

He posted the photos of a note his girlfriend sent him while babysitting.


Just like us, he didn’t know if the parents were being sarcastic or serious.

The tweet soon went viral, amassing almost 30,000 likes.

Order pizza, let the kids eat sugar, and binge watch TV?

I wish my parents would have let me get away with stuff like that when I was a kid.


Some people weren’t sure if the note was real or not.

But then people got confused by the idea of the parents ‘wanting’ their children breastfed.


Let’s be honest, that’s just downright weird!

What do you think about this strange letter left for the babysitter?


Feel free to let us know what you think in the COMMENTS.

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