Baby Refuses To Drink Infant Formula, Then Mom Starts Smelling APPLES

A mom in Oklahoma had been arrested over the weekend when she accidentally mixed vodka, which was apple flavored in the infant formula of her baby.

According to Fox 25 reports, Monique Bibbs, a 36-year-old mother explained to the police that she had been partying with her friends over the weekend, and decided to store apple vodka in a water bottle made out of clear plastic for later consumption.

So when she returned home from parting, she put the water bottle in the refrigerator, and subsequently forgot about it.

The Tulsa county police reports that by the time she actually mixed the infant formula around 9 AM in the morning, she had assumed that the plastic bottle only contained water.

Once the contents had been mixed together, Bibbs notice that the baby could not drink more than 50% of the bottom. She did try to burp the baby, but, she found horrifically that there was a distinct smell of alcohol in the infant’s breath.

It was reported that she did not seek medical attention at first, but she did ask the father of the child for help, which he refused.

At around 10:30AM, she drove the child to the hospital after throwing away the bottle of vodka. It is in the hospital that doctors discovered that the blood alcohol content of the baby was 19.

The baby is still in the hospital, and is undergoing observation, although he is said to be safe.

The detectives, in the meantime, have found the empty vodka bottle in the trash can near Bibb’s apartment, and she was arrested on the charges of child negligence.

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