Baby Penguin Looks For His Caregiver. When He Finds Him, His Reaction Is Pure Joy

Cookie is an international superstar, and he’s all but a penguin. This critter had a viral video to his credit, which was made in 2010, and has since been able to get more than 10 million views. It is about this small penguin that flutters about in the cutest manner possible, but be sure to watch the video to the very end; this is where the real magic happens. He finally finds the Cincinnati zoo’s caregiver.

The Facebook page of Cookie has listed a very interesting tidbit: “Little Penguin” is not because that who aims to make him sound cute, but it is actually a species. The alternative name is “fairy penguins.” So, seeing this little creature flapping about his wings, it would be able to cast a spell on you.

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