Baby girl looks 8 months pregnant – then shocking cause is revealed and dad steps in

Most parents’ hope that their children will be healthy and live a happy childhood.

When parents Karen Rodas and Paul Bybkin, give birth to their son Nathaniel they were ecstatic. However thirty six hours later their whole world came crashing down when they lost him.

Sadly, Nathaniel was born with a condition known as Polycistic Kidney Disease (PKD) which affects the kidneys causing cysts to grow. This condition can often result in kidney failure.

In 2013, Maddy arrived into the world but her parents were worried that she might be born with the same condition as her late brother. Maddy’s stomach was swollen it looked she was nine months pregnant.

Thankfully things took a turn for the better all thanks to her father who donated one of his kidneys to his title girl.

Maddy spent most of her life in hospital and would sleep for nearly eighteen hours each day before she had the life saving operation.

Doctors told her parent there was a slim chance that the quality of Maddy’s life would depend entirely on finding a suitable donor.

Luckily enough her father was a perfect match!

“With Paul and Maddy, two of my most precious souls, going under the knife, my nerves were a wreck,” Karen explained.

The surgery went successfully while both Maddy and Paul recovered perfectly afterwards..

“Daddy’s kidney has saved our little girl,” Karen added. “Now, she has boundless energy. Her massive tummy now just looks a little bit rounded and she is a happy and healthy two-year-old.”

Paul, believes any father would do what he did for their child.

“We have been on a rollercoaster – but any father would have done what I did, donating my kidney to Maddy. It’s part of being a parent,” he remarked.

“Now we are on a high and can watch Maddy grow up as a happy and healthy little girl.”

Maddy will most likely require another transplant surgery later in life but in the meantime she has many years to enjoy and live her life to the fullest.

Please Share this lovely story with your family and friends to wish them well-being too.

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