Audience Member Mentions That She’s The Long Lost Twin Of Ellen. She Reveals Her Face And Stuns Everyone, Including Ellen!

Ellen, during the taping of her talk show could not help but notice an audience member that looked pretty familiar. On second thoughts, it looked like she was looking into a mirror.

In the year of 2011, Ellen met her doppelgänger from within the audience. She seemed genuinely surprised by that long lost twin, and even went so far as to walk off stage and bring that person in front of the camera. Donna, the woman in question, not only had similar facial structure, but also had the same haircut as Ellen along with wearing matching outfits. The dress composed of a simple button-down shirt and vest along with blue jeans. With the popularity in talk shows, it is pretty hard to not imagine it being planned out well in advance.

Ellen remarked to the crowd about the similarity and most of the crowd within the audience echoed her thoughts.  Donna, who is originally from Austin, Texas, certainly left the audience bewildered. Although this was a pretty unexpected moment, but it quickly became an online hate with about 14 million views on YouTube. Well, guess one could say that you never know when you would need your doppelgänger.

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