As Hurricane Irma Destroys An Entire Island There’s Terror as It’s Revealed There Are 3 MORE On Their Way

As the people of Florida anxiously wait to see if the record breaking Category 5 Hurricane “Irma” will strike their state the incredible news has been revealed that there are 3 more Hurricane’s on their way.

Hurricane “Katia” currently sits of the coast of Mexico whilst Tropical storm “Jose” has been upgraded to a Hurricane sits out in the Atlantic and looks set to follow directly in the path of the devastating “Irma”.

This is the first time in over 7 years that 3 major Hurricane’s have formed in the region and it’s got meteorologists very worried.

Whilst both these new storms are currently measured at Category 5 they are expected to intensify over the coming days and if they follow in the path of the expected destruction that “Irma” could wreak it is a terrifying thought.

Jerry Garcia, 70, a retired mechanic, loads one of the 20 sheets of plywood he is taking home to prepare for Hurricane Irma at a home supply store in Oakland Park, Florida, U.S., September 5, 2017. REUTERS/Bernie Woodall

Hurricane “Irma” slammed in to the Caribbean Islands yesterday and wreaked havoc as the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda revealed that the island of Barbuda is destroyed and barely habitable.

“It’s just complete and total devastation”

Taking to Twitter after Irma hit one Briton tweeted that it was like a scene from an apocalyptic Hollywood movie and the damage was barely believable.

Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall on Saturday and there are already mandatory evacuations underway. If the record breaking Hurricane makes a direct hit on Florida at a Category 5 level the devastation could be on a biblical scale.

Please Share this if you have any friends and family in the area and warn them that now is the time to leave.

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