Artist Makes a ‘Harry Potter’ Face Mask That Reveals the Marauder’s Map as You Breathe

Artist Makes a ‘Harry Potter’ Face Mask That Reveals the Marauder’s Map as You Breathe

Stefanie Hook is an incredible artist who recently released a TikTok showing off her magical mask.

Stefanie has immediately become a viral sensation, after bringing the Harry Potter franchise back to life as she accumulated over 2 million views.

We have all binged watched the Harry Potter series… at some point. They’re simply magical. Thanks to this clever artist, wearing a mask has become a whole lot more fun.

Artist Makes a ‘Harry Potter’ Face Mask That Reveals the Marauder’s Map as You Breathe

The wizarding world of Harry Potter was first born in Edinburgh, Scotland. British author J.K. Rowling brought something spectacular to life something, while sitting in a small coffee shop.

Millions of people all over the world were enthralled with dragons, giant snakes, pumpkin juice, and the flying-broomstick sport of Quidditch. The world became obsessed with Harry Potter.

Every single eleven year old believed they we were going to receive a letter from Hogwarts in the mail.

Face-covering does not replace personal protective equipment such as N95 or surgical masks.

This Harry Potter mask does not protect from the viruses. Although the design was created from a CDC-provided pattern for DIY masks.

Both the CDC and Hook suggest that the mask should be used in conjunction with medical-grade masks and only as a last resort whilst sick. It is best for hobbies or cosplay.



I am the maker of the mask ??? ##mask ##hp ##artist ##smallbusiness ##magic *checkmeouton FB ***CPEX

♬ original sound – coloradopex

We all know wearing masks is an important part of flattening the curve. However, they’re often not the most aesthetically appealing.

These masks look incredible, Stefanie uses an inexpensive sewing machine as well as standard sewing supplies, licensed cotton fabric, elastic, and color-changing pigment.

It can take a total of 17 hours to complete one mask, between cutting fabric, treating the fabric, waiting for the fabric to set, and sewing a single mask together.

They may look like ordinary masks …but with the heat generated by breathing, they change color – and become a real-life Marauder’s Map.

I like to give the average person the ability to own items that are unique, and bring magic into the real world in hopes to further inspire others to create and be creative,” Hook explained.

Here’s what people said about Stefanie’s mask:

Another few added some comments …..

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