After losing custody of son, hunky dad cries when child runs on stage after impeccable audition

Talent shows are one of the best opportunities to discover more about people’s life stories. A heartwarming example of a this is Joseph Whelan’s story.

Whelan’s audition begins with the presenter asking the young man who is accompanying him. Whelan explains he has brought along his son, Kien, and his mother, Jess.

Whelan opens up about what’s going on in his life revealing that he’s 26 years old and that he lives in Wolverhampton with his four year old son.

He talks about how much he loves his son and it’s evident to the audience he is a fantastic father and they are lucky to have each other.

When I look at him, he just lights up my life. Being a father is just the best thing ever. The first time I laid eyes on him, something just changed inside of me. My whole perspective on life changed completely.” – Joseph Whelan.

However, once Whelan announces he recently broke up with Kian’s mother his son won’t be able to live with him. Whelan is devastated that the time he gets to spend around his child is now so limited.

Whelan also mentions how sad empty apartment is without his son there when he returns home from work everyday.

Winning The X Factor is important as he hopes to make his son proud. So he gets ready to audition.

The female judges are enjoying the eye candy!” Whelan would clearly have no issues finding a new girlfriend as many women in the crowd are whistle at him. Whelan appears to be oblivious to all this female affection being such a modest person.

He laughs into the microphone saying “This is brilliant, mate!” Once Whelan admits he is auditioning for his son the crowd “Awwws.” Then Led Zepplin’s Whole Lotta Love which is a bold choice, begins to play.

Led Zepplin is a part of Whelan’s identity who were from the British midlands, just like him. Whelan start’s singing “You need cooling” and sounds exactly like a rock star.

As Whelan reaches the chorus of the song “Want to whole lotta love” all the judge are convinced his talent! He comes across as a very unconventional singer for the show, and the audience can certainly vouch for Whelan.

Once he finished the song, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation. They loved Whelan for his looks, were amazed by the story of his son and were ecstatic about his voice and stage presence!
All four judges decided Whelan should go through to the next round. However Whelan really feel like a success when his four-year-old son ran out onto the stage to give his dad a big hug.

Whelan just couldn’t hold back tears as he sets a great example for his little boy!

Take a look at the emotional moment in the video clip below:

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