After Giving Birth To This Brown Fawn, There Was Something Hidden Just Out Of Sight…

Nature can be a cruel world for many animals, from the time of birth many creatures in this world are part of a food chain and fight for their very survival. But every so often mother nature gives us a glimpse of how beautiful nature really can be.

In the video below we see a white albino DOE (deer) after giving birth to a brown spotted FAWN. As the young fawn attempts to suckle from it’s mother, the mother is constantly licking and cleaning her fawn. Many women can relate to this, in hospitals when babies are born they are cleaned up and given to their mother’s. This allows the mother to bond with and nurture her child.

As the scene unfolds we noticed something magical about to happen. Another set of leg’s start to appear, she is having twin’s. Such an amazing sight to behold in nature, a mother giving birth to twins. Watch the video below to see these cute twin deer. But there’s a surprise when the second of the twins is born. So cute!!

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Please Note: This has images of birth in nature which some viewers may find graphic.

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