A Tragic Story Of A Boy And His Dog Every Parent should know.

In what could only be described as a very unfortunate story that I now relay to you the reader. The family of this young boy and his adorned pet experienced one of the most horrific ordeals a family could ever go through. It all happened one day in Michigan, Where the bond between both boy and dog utterly led to a very tragic accident.

It was a Saturday night, Gage was playing with his best pal Stitch(the family pet dog). Stitch made a grievous error that night when he ran onto the street. Young Gage protectively ran after his much loved pet instinctively but made a fatal error in not checking for oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, Gage and Stitch were both struck by the same motorist, who was a 69 year old lady that was driving home. She was not affected by medications or liquor when the mishap occurred and we can just envision the level of agony and blame she feels for what has occurred.
Gage and Stitch were announced dead and their family was left to grieve their deaths after this tragic catastrophe. We can’t comprehend why awful things must happen to great individuals and our hearts go out to the relatives that grieve their loss.

This last photo of the two together fills in as a fitting commemoration and we trust that this dynamic team is resting in peace. With any good fortune, the two are spending their days together in Heaven, where the sun is continually sparkling and no game of fetch is excessively tiring.
If it’s not too much trouble SHARE this story with your loved ones, to raise awareness about the significance of keeping your pets penned in.Tragedies like this can be avoided by taking certain measures to ensure both children or pets can make their way onto the street.

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