Mom Refused To Wear Seatbelt For 50 Years. Then One Day She’s In A Horrific Car Accident…

Rhonda Lantz was all of 65 years. For all the time that she has been driving, wearing a seat belt was not something that she did. One fine day, Officer Luiz Valenzuela pulled her over. The officer gave her a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. After the ticket, Lantz did buckle up.

10 days after this incident, while on the highway, the tire of the car Lantz was travelling in blew up. The car rolled three times, the body was crumpled, and the windshield shattered. Lantz had to be removed from the wreckage only with the help of emergency respondents. She was bruised, and she has a few scars, but she came away with the most important thing, which was her life.

The seat belt, the innocuous contraption that she had taken for granted and up saving her life. Lantz believe that it was the good officer Valenzuela’s ticket that spared her an untimely death.

She went on to say that had it not been for that ticket, she would not be standing there with just a few bruises. It would have been her life taken away from her untimely.

The officer Valenzuela and Lantz had later reunited for a photograph. The good job done by the officer, even though it was as simple as handing out a ticket ended up saving the life of a person.

The officer Valenzuela mentions that it is a pleasant thought that a simple enforcement procedure ended up saving somebody’s life.

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