A Stray Dog Along With Her Pups Had Just Been Rescued. However, Something Stops The Team Rescuing Them!

Edgar Hagar, in charge of animal rescue heard of a stray pitbull that has just given birth in somebody’s yard. Upon hearing this, he immediately rushed over with his team. He and his team were able to secure the yard as well as the rescued the dog. She was named Lexus. The team maintained a calm demeanor, and went about getting her babies. However, tragedy could not be averted when one of the babies had already passed away before they arrived; however, they were still able to save the other four.

When they head back to the veterinary care center after gathering the happy pooch family, they sanitized everyone. However, Lexus seemed to be in some sort of discomfort. When they went to check her, they found something very wrong.

It is an unfortunate truth, but millions of dogs are abandoned all over for various reasons. Animal Rights Action website duly reports that pitbull terriers are often labeled in the category of “dangerous dogs and about 4000 dogs on an average from this breed have to be put down on a daily basis. People are seemingly afraid to have them around their children as well as family, but looking at the video, you can see that this breed are some of the most loving amongst dogs. There are various people that do not realize that the dogs reflect the behavior of the owner. If you do not treat a dog well, and force it to continuously fight with other dogs, it is going to end up growing violent. However, with appropriate care, love and affection as you would provide for your own child, the reward would be a loving four-legged family member.

See the video and witness the miracle of Lexus and her babies!


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