A stranger approached this little girl and tried to abduct her…What she said to him leaves me GOBSMACKED

Most children are abducted at a young age. This can have a huge impact on a child’s life as the main years for development are from when they are born up to six years old. It will not just change the self-image of the child but it will also change the view your child has on the world.

A woman in the United States has found a good solution to prevent this, below we show how they solved this with her child.

A strange man approached a girl on the side of the road in his car. He said to the girl that her mother asked him to collect her because she wasn’t able to make it. The child responded and simply said to the man. Password? The man did not know what to say and said ” What do you mean password? ” She then turned and ran to the nearest house and got away.

The reason behind this is because her mother had created a secret password between the two of them that she would only give to designated people she had asked to collect her child. The man was a stranger and didn’t have the password so it saved the child’s life.

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