Mother Feels Something Strange After Falling Pregnant, Then The Doctor Looks At the Ultrasound And Is AMAZED

Monica got pregnant for the third time; however, that wasn’t the strange part. She had a strange premonition; not only did she pray for identical twin girls, but now, she had a feeling that her wish was about to be granted.

Well, along the way, there were a couple of clues that helped her think that it was a pair of twins and not a single child. For example, Monica began to witness the growth of her pregnant bump, and it was exceptionally large. Fascinatingly, it was also her daughter who mentioned “babies” and never “baby”in her stomach. Pretty strange, huh?

At nine weeks and four days of pregnancy, she had her first ultrasound. Monica ensured that her husband would record the session, as she had a feeling that this was an event that she would want to re-watch forever.

It was a good thing that she did, as this is stuff of miracles. Her ultrasound indicated that she had identical twin girls all along.

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