A lot of people like to pop bubble wrap, but after you read this you’ll never do it again!

It’s not kids alone, but even adults love the Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms. You can very well make your own with this wonderfully easy recipe.

What you’ll need: –

bubble wrap

1 cup water

Sterile syringe

2 oz Jell-O powder

So here’s how you do it:-

Put 1 cup of warm water into the pot.


Then put Jell-O powder into the pot.


Stir till you get a thick, consistent mixture.


Put the bubble wrap on the table, and then fill the syringe with the resultant liquid of Jell-O powder.


Diligently, fill up each bubble with this mixture.


Let this sit for a while, so that it can become solid.


Then, easily break the gummies with your fingers or by using of a needle.


Lastly, enjoy the result.


Have a look at the video to recaptulate:

If you are thinking about trying something new for a change, you could use any other flavor of the Jell-O powder, notably, cherry, lime or lemon.

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