A hippo’s big fart goes viral, more than 30 million have watched this video

There is something about farts that makes people laugh. If you even think about it. Remember a moment in your past you’ve fallen on the floor laughing, as a result of a fart or a fart joke.

Well this latest viral sensation is a video of a hippo at a zoo who was captured taking a long, relaxed fart in front of zoo visitors.

The video has now been viewed by more than 30 million people. Once you see the video, you will understand why. 

The happy hippo waddles slowly out of his wading pool, swings into position and then delivers a death-defying rattle. His long, drawn-out fart sounds like a lawnmower running. It’s so powerful that you can see the dirt and leaves stirring from the blast.

Hippos swim in rivers and lying in the sun all day. For many years now, hippos are known as the most dangerous creature in Africa responsible for more human fatalities than any other animal in the continent. Hippos, on average, kill close to 3000 people yearly.

Hippos can be underwater for more than 10 minutes, and any small boats that are above them when they come out are in danger of getting capsized. You can’t even predict what they will do, and sometimes they will go after a boat and overturn it just because they can.

If you are on land hippos can run close to 20mph, so outrunning them will not work. Male hippos often will charge you if they feel you are a threat to their territory. Females, on the other hand, can also become aggressive and chase you if they think you are a threat to their young.

Even though baby hippos are always in the water, by getting yourself between the mother and their babies, you may get attacked. This the most common situation humans get themselves in and get killed.

In the video, you can see Harry getting out of his watering hole, feeling pretty relaxed. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the water was perfect, and Harry was living his ideal life.

As Harry was getting out of his watering hole, people were coming near his enclosure filming him. Once on shore he began to look around, making sure that he had a big audience. Harry then stopped and let one big fart out. A fart that could have broken some records.

This was something that no one has ever heard or witnessed. One person who recorded Harry blasting the big fart posted it online, and until now, it has got more than 30 million views. We can easily say that Harry is the king of internet farts.

Watch the video and let us know if you have seen or hear something like this before.

After watching it share it with your friends to make their day a lot better.

If you enjoyed the video of Harry the hippo, you would also enjoy this video of a hippo saving a baby zebra from drowning

In the following video, you can see zebras crossing an African river to get to land, and one baby zebra gets tired and starts to panic while still in the water the most unusual hero comes to the rescue.

As the baby zebra panicks and struggles to stay above the water, one giant hero comes and saves the day. The other zebras don’t seem to notice that the baby is in danger when all of a sudden, a huge hippo comes to the rescue.

The hippo gently starts to push him towards land. The current would have carried the baby zebra downstream, but with a little help of the hippo, the zebra gets to the land safely. Its skinny legs get caught on some rocks, and the hippo helped out.

The hippo remained close to the zebra until he was sure that he was safe.

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