A Group Of Guys Start Singing “God Bless The USA”. What’s Behind Them? WOW

Patriotism for your country can be expressed in a variety of ways. There are various songs for you to sing, monuments that you can visit, and flag colors that you can wear. Now, how about when you’re feeling extra patriotic? Well, you can combine all the three mentioned above.

When it comes to singing songs, there is no right or wrong method to do so. Are you performing with the group? Awesome. Are you just singing karaoke solo? It’s perfect. There are various songs which are tuned towards certain styles. However, an a cappella group with the name of Home Free has taken it to another level by singing “God bless the USA” in front of the iconic Mount Rushmore. When it comes to being patriotic, it does not get more American than that. Unless of course, you are donning the red white and blue.

Home Free has been known to perform incredible covers of famous songs, without any instruments. You can check out their performance at the Grand Ole Opry of “Life is a Highway” or even their beautiful rendition of “O Holy” which has the stunning backdrop of a Church. When it comes to the backdrops, these guys are definitely the best. However, they do not compromise on their vocals as well, the talent is simply unbelievable.

In this video, the band happens to be standing at the summit of Mount Rushmore. And when the camera pans out, it shows the entire monument in its beauty. Simply stunning!

You can share this video with your friends and family to instill some sense of patriotism in them as well!



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