A Dog Stares At An Elmo Doll From Behind A Table. What Happens Next? HILARIOUS!

We have all been freaked out by something that we did not quite comprehend. Especially, if it moves. For me, it’s the spiders. I just cannot comprehend its existence. No matter how old I keep getting, it still scares the living Jesus out of me. However, it could be lucky for the spiders, as I can never acquire the courage in order to get close to them in order to do something about it. Well, we simply coexist, and leave it at that.

However, it is not only humans that are scared by such random things. Even animals are susceptible to their irrational fears just like the rest of the animal kingdom- especially those from the canine community. Just have a look at this puppy that does not seem to quite get a hold of his toy bone without regrouping after a few seconds, or this big dog, that absolutely has no desire to be in the swimming pool, but is clearly hanging on to his life due to his owner.

Well, as it turns out, even miniature schnauzer is not an exception to this irrational fear. So, when this schnauzer comes face-to-face with the tickle me Elmo, he has no idea how to interact. Now, when the boy starts moving and talking, it brings forth a different ball game. Let’s say, the puppy does not like Elmo’s new avatar.

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