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A dangerous trend in Australia is shocking doctors around the world. Women start smoking while they are pregnant!It is a well-known medical fact that smoking during pregnancy is something that can cause irreparable damage to the unborn child. It could result in miscarriage, premature birth or even death. However, even if the baby is successfully born, they suffer from diseases such as obesity, ADD, asthma and type II diabetes along with circulatory diseases. Smoking during any form of pregnancy also increases the risk of sudden death in the child.


It is for this reason that most women tend to stop smoking when they learn that they are pregnant. However, a dangerous trend is coming up in Australia, whereby pregnant woman have just started to smoke because they have become pregnant. They do so in the hope of reducing the overall baby weight, which is also known as a common side effect of smoking during pregnancy. This could lead to a less painful child birthing process.


These are the women that chanced upon this seemingly dangerous idea after they have witnessed a warning on the cigarette packets in Australia about danger of giving birth to a baby that has low weight. There are many women that are particularly petite or skinny, and they fear giving birth to heavy babies due to the birthing pains. In response to it, they are more than willing to accept the danger that happens due to smoking during the pregnancy.


We can only hope that this bizarre trend does not In the United States. There are various medical procedures is that can be performed in order to make the child birthing pain bearable. Going for a cesarean section is also a good option for pregnant women that fear the pain of natural birth.

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