A Babysitter Threw a Crying, Teething Baby into Playpen When She Got Annoyed—Then the Room Got Quiet

Like many married couples, Teal Garvin and Harley Dubovik returned to work after they had their first baby.

They decided to find a trusted babysitter for 5-month-old Cooper Dubovik.


According to People, Barbara Kendrick, 65, applied for the babysitting job and was a distant relative to the couple.

Family members gave Kendrick a good reference. She was hired and the couple was able to return to their jobs in Jacksonville, Fla. Everything was going well until they received a call at work.

On the morning of March 7, Kendrick was frustrated with Cooper as he was teething, fussy, and suffering from a fever. In a moment of anger, she threw the crying baby into his playpen. The room suddenly went quiet.

Screenshot/CBS 47

Kendrick knew something was wrong. First Coast News reports that she ran to a neighbor’s house to seek help. Neighbor Teresa Spivey said she regularly cared for baby Cooper when Kendrick asked. She ran over to the house, started performing CPR, and urged Kendrick to call 911 around 2:15 p.m.

Spivey told First Coast News:

“I was just trying to save the little man. He was so precious. If I had known that baby was in harm’s way, I would have been singing to the highest mountain, and I had no clue that baby was in harm’s way.”


When the police arrived, reported CBS 47, they rushed Cooper to a nearby children’s hospital. He had suffered a skull fracture, showed no signs of brain activity, and he was not breathing.

The prognosis was not good.

His parents were called to the hospital. Kendrick was interviewed and she admitted to throwing the baby.

Cooper died from his injuries a few hours later and Kendricks was charged with his murder.

Babysitter Charged with Murder – Five Month Old Baby KilledOn March 7, 2017 at 2:15pm, police responded to 2000 block…

Posted by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 9 March 2017


Garvin told People that are devastated:

“He didn’t deserve to go that way. He was so beautiful. He didn’t deserve this…we were all so happy. Everything was going so well.”

She said she was surprised Kendricks would throw Cooper, as he wasn’t known for being particularly fussy:

“He was always so happy. Babies get cranky and cry, but Cooper didn’t do it much…He was usually all smiles and laughter. He made everybody so happy. He made us so happy.”

Posted by Teal Marie Garvin on Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The young parents originally returned to work to save money so they could buy a bigger house for their growing family.

But now they are taking some time away to grieve.

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