9 Times Princess Diana Broke Royal Parenting Rules

Princess Diana was know as a rebellious inspiring figure, who always challenged the royal codes. Especially when it came to parenting her children.

We have compiled a number of examples below…

1. Diana gave birth in a hospital.

Princess Diana broke the custom of home births by giving birth St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Diana didn’t take any pain relief during labour while giving birth to her second son, Prince Harry.

2. Prioritized her children over duties.

Princess Diana loved being a mother. The princess was always there for her children putting them first instead her duties and jobs unlike other royals.

3. Sent her sons to a school.

Princess Diana sent her sons to public school. She enrolled William in public school, the first heir to the British throne who didn’t receive a private education at home.

4. The boys joined her on official trips.

Princess Diana brought Prince William, to Australia and New Zealand for a tour. Royal children were usually left at home while their parents traveled on official business. Prince William and Prince Harry take their children on official tours and trips.

5. Eye level with children.

Princess Diana common habit was to talk at eye-level, to all children including her own. This wasn’t seen among the royals and her children now continue to do the same.

6. Introduced her sons to an ordinary life.

Although Princess Diana married royalty she wanted her children’s live to be ordinary. She encouraged her sons to experience regular things like going to the movies, waiting in line for McDonald’s, going to amusement parks, and jumping on the bed in their pyjamas with her.

7. A hands-on mother at all times.

Princess Diana was a modern hands-on mother, from breastfeeding her children, bringing them on trips and changing her schedule for her sons. One of her famous quotes goes, “Don’t call me an icon. I’m just a mom trying to support her.”

8.  Left her royal title at the palace.

In 1991, Diana attended a sports day at her sons school and took part in the parents’ race. A video of the race showed a barefoot Diana giving it everything. Her participation completely broke strict royal rules.

9 A mom on the go..

Princess Diana was a mother first before anything else. Diana certainly had her own unique style. Once she was spotted dropping her sons off at school wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, cowboy boots, a blazer, and a baseball cap. 

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