9 Officers Storm The Stage, When The Middle One Uses His Hands Like THIS? Unbelievable!

Unless you live under a rock, you would be well aware of the trend in the Internet of people performing the “Running Man” and challenging their friends to do the same. Till date, there are a few dozen people that have done the same routine, and it is irrespective of the age or profession, as people from cops to kids have been putting their own individual dancing talent to good use. These are various amazing clips showcasing those moves, and the creativity behind it is simply mind blowing.

A few days ago, the New Zealand police ensured that they would use the same technique to recruit new members. Check out the hilarious video below; these cops seriously know how to dance. However, they have added their own spin to it. They took it to the Hip-Hop Unite New Zealand National Champs Arena, where they perform onstage and the result is absolutely brilliant.

It starts off with two cops taking the Center stage, and doing the Running Man. Within a few seconds, their colleagues join in the routine, and they start dancing to all the hit songs. Their killer moves have definitely brought about a whole lot of cheers from the crowd.

Watch the video to witness the magic, and keep your eyes in the center of the stage in order to witness some of the craziest dance moves.

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