8 Surprising Uses For Listerine That Every Woman Should Know.

Many people make use of the mouthwash for the primary purpose of oral hygiene. However do you know there are other miraculous things it can achieve.

With so many helpful ingredients in Listerine — such as thyme, eucalyptus, and alcohol. These ingredients have other functions beyond protecting your mouth from gingivitis or plaque. It’s no wonder this product is being used in so many creative ways.

Read on to find out the amazing things that you can do with your mouthwash!

1. Deodorant:

If you have run out of deodorant then don’t worry. Simply soak a cotton ball in Listerine, and apply them in your underarms. You could also put Listerine in a spray bottle, and apply them to your armpits. Listerine is pretty effective in killing the germs that produce odor in your body.

2. Dandruff:

Prior to Listerine being used as a mouthwash, it was a more popular treatment for dandruff. Four active ingredients located in Listerine contains anti-fungal as well as antiseptic properties. Rinse your scalp & hair with a solution that contains 1/4th cup of Listerine and one cup of water.

3. Lice:

Soak your entire scalp filled with lice with Listerine for at least one hour before you rinse your hair with water. Continue this treatment by massaging white vinegar in your scalp. Wash the hair after an hour and remove any lice eggs and the dead lice.

4. Acne:

It may amaze you but listed in can also be used as an astringent to take care of your skin problems. It has the right combination of antiseptic properties and alcohol which will effectively reduce the size of a pimple. According to the Indian spot, dabbing Listerine on a pimple in the night may ensure that you have a pimple free face in the morning.

5. Cough:

Gargling Listerine twice a day reduces the frequency as well as the severity of the cold and cough. Antiseptic mouthwash helps prevent bacteria from infecting your respiratory system.

6. Blisters:

Listerine has antiseptic properties which make it a formidable force against any type of blisters. All you need to do is to apply cotton which is filled with Listerine.

7. Insect Bite:

To relieve pain caused by a bee sting, pour some Listerine on a cotton swab and put it over the bite or itch. The pain would diminish considerably.

8. Toenail fungus:

Listerine can be great for getting rid of toenail fungus. Simply make yourself a Listerine foot bath and allow your toes to soak for half an hour. Some even recommend mixing in a little bit of white vinegar for particularly bad cases.

Why not take advantage of this wonderful home remedies and let us know which one worked for you.

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