75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

Have you ever forgot stuff like misplaced your keys or left the oven on? These forgetful moments can happen even to the most careful people which often turn out to be either a big issue or just a nuisance.

The stories are often funny perhaps not at the time but for those who get to hear about it.  

Take a look at the following images where people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence as a result.

#1  Once Left Without My Dog And My Manager Sent Me This Picture About 10 Minutes Later Saying “You Forgot Something”.

75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

#2 When You’re Already Late For Work

#3 Cousin Forgot His Paddle Out Fishing.

#4 Forgot My Wallet At The Window. Rafael Paid. When I Thanked Him He Said “Good Samaritans Still Exist”

#5 We Forgot To Tell Our Cat About Our New Arrival.

#6 Girlfriend Forgot Her Razor, But Not The Refills.

#7 Forget Your Work Badge This Is What Happens

#8 This Is How I Walked My Dog When I Forgot Her Lead.

#9 Play It Cool, No One Will Notice You Forgot Your Horn

#10 Forgot His Girlfriend Was On His Shoulders

#11 My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree And Forgot He Had Left Them There Until He Found Them Years Later

#12 My Neighbour Forgot Their Halloween Decoration

#13 Forgot I Had A Dentist Appointment And Didn’t Have Time To Change.

#14 Forgot To Close The Bathroom Window Last Night.

#15 Don’t Forget To Close The Lid.

#16 I Forgot My Wife Said We Were Going To Church

#17 Forgot To Turn The Cooker Off.

#18 Left The Chocolate Easter Bunny In The Car

#19 French Translation Goes Here….Don’t Forget To Put It In.

#20 Forgot To Put On Bug Spray Last Night

#21 I Forgot One Important Details When Explaining “Snow Angels” To My Kids.

#22 When You Forget Where You Left Your Lollipop.

#23 I Left Batman Glasses In My Grandpa’s Car.

#24 A Guernsey Woman Had A Visitor When She Forgot To Lock The Back Door

#25 Forgot To Put Their Drain Plugs In

#26 Anyone ever forget about the potatoes in the cupboard?

#27Once I Forgot About The Wine In The Freezer

#28 Improvise!

#29 Spoon went missing while baking.

#30 Always Proofread!

#31 Seems Like My Neighbors Planned A Long Weekend Away

#32 Forgot To Close The Lid

#33 Forgot To Turn On The Garbage Disposal After Carving A Pumpkin.

#34 You Forgot The Coating.

#35 Our Professor Forgot The Key To The Room, Class Was Held Outside.

#36 Forgot I Had This In My Wallet Covering My Real License As I Was Pulled Over Today.

#37 My Niece Forgot She Had A Final To Write During Our Communities Annual Pow Wow. She Drove Over To School In Her Regalia.

#38 My Neighbors Forgot Something After Dumping Their Headboard.

#39 Don’t Forgot That MRIs Are Magnets

#40 I Have A Lazy Eye My Brother Fixed It For Me

#41 Forgot To Give The Dog Back His Bed After Washing It.

#42 Forgot To Charge Arm Last Night.

#43 Asking My Colorblind Employee To Price Out New Inventory

#44Forgot To Feed The Dog – Wife Sent Me This

#45 Tomato Driver Forgot To Close Back Door On His Lorry

#46 Not Shipping The Actual Truck.

#47 Forgetting Something?

#48 I Made Some Art With My Girlfriends Shower Hair.

#49 When You Forget Sunscreen

#50 That Time I Forgot To Put Up The Baby Gate.

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