6-year-old girl fights for life after classmate’s sick game – her mom says bullying needs to stop

Bullying affects at least one in every five children. It appears we are failing to educate our children about how to treat others with respect. 

Bullying can vary from teasing, spreading rumours or attacking by hitting or yelling, the victim

Bullying leaves a mark on the victim for many years as it impacts their self-confidence which may result in them having a negative perspective of themselves.

Consequences of bullying can include some of the following: social isolation, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches, poor school performance, and in a worst case scenario, even suicide.

Despite the possibility of experiencing this type of behavior throught life, there are ways to cope with it, however this may be more difficult for vulnerable children,

Six year old, Sofia Golledge has experienced the devastating effects from being a victim of bullying. Her mother decided to share her story after her daughter developed severe anxiety.

Sophia’s life was a struggle each day as she would cry for hours as she plucked up the courage to return to school the next day.

Eventually Sophia’s body just gave up because of her classmates’ constant bullying and harassment.

“She’d be in so much pain and because her upset stomach was so violent, it would lead to a water infection and her body struggled,” the mom added. “We’ve had her in hospital with high fevers which they’ve struggled to control.”

Surprisingly enough Sophia’s bully was her “best friend” who would control everything she did with her manipulative personality which was stressing Sophia so much her entire body shut down and she became apathetic.

Carrie shared the story online along with a picture of her exhausted daughter in the hospital bed.

Sophia’s parents moved her to another school where she found new friends. The young girl seems much content. Bullying will continue to be an issue unless it is addressed by schools, because moving from one school to another is not a permanent solution.

Please share this story to raise awareness of what bullying does to young kids. 

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