6 Guys Sit Together To Croon A Famous Song. Watch What Happens When The Man In Red Suddenly Stands And Shocks Them All!

Without any doubt, the song “Hotel California” performed by the Eagles is one of the most well-known songs from the rock era. A platform where we have come across different variations of this classic rock music, but what you’re about to hear is something very different.

Vocal Sampling, a Cuban group comprises of six men who has the capability to perform an entire song with instruments, without actually needing any instruments. They use their voices to produce beat boxing, and a wide range of vocal effects that can substitute itself in the place of drums, guitars and even keyboards. It is utterly bewildering as to what humans can achieve! However, make sure that you watch till the very end of the video, because when this man with a red shirt stands up, he ends up performing a breathtaking “guitar” solo right around the 4:20 mark. You really have to hear it to believe it!

It is no surprise that all of the six members in the group are accomplished instrumentalists as well as arrangers. While they were all studying music in an institute in Cuba, they wanted to look at various creative methods to produce music, even when the house parties were ill-equipped with instruments. After discovering their talent for a cappella singing, the unique sound of Voice Sampling was born. They are known for some of the most outrageous vocal limitations of various instruments like the trumpet, bass, Congo, piano, cowbell etc.

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