5th grader realizes his bus driver smells strangely – calls 911 and saves 30 kids’ lives

Parents can often be protective of their children and monitor them closely. However, it always important to teach them how to stay out of trouble.

Troy Luna knows how to take care of himself because his his parents aught him the basics of safety.

Troy was told he shouldn’t remain silent if he noticed an adult acting weird around kids, so when he got on the school bus he applied this information after something strange caught his attention. 

Once he opened the door he could get a strange odor that he never noticed before. In addition to that Caroline Denise Ray, the bus driver was driving all over the place and stopping the bus suddenly causing kids to fall out of their seats.

Troy knew they were all in danger. “I was like ok, I’m just going to make that 911 call. Then I made the call,” he said speaking of the incident.

Calling the police saved the lives of all thirty children on the bus.

Once he called the cops they pulled her bus over soon after and found she was in possession of drugs and was under influence.

The bus driver was arrested and charged for child endangerment and driving under influence of drugs and was immediately fired from the job.

Troy’s parents and school were extremely proud of him for acting so responsibly, at such a young age.

Troy’s story is an example that we should all teach our kids to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

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