53 people who are having a way worse day than you

It’s often comforting to hear about someone else’s misfortunate story, which turns out to be worse in comparison to your own bad luck. Listening to their perspective can even make you smile again!

These unfortunate events can often make you feel like nothing is going your way.  So instead of wallowing in self pity, hold your head up high and soldier on. 

Scroll down and look at theses hilarious photos to see exactly what it really looks like to have a bad day.


Hope No One Will Notice.


When You Are Already Running Late To Catch A Flight.

Now kids lets try the drill….

How Did She Manage That??


Not Quiet The Style I Was Looking For….

No Idea I Had Company.

Soft Landing!!

Snowed In…..Literally.


Forget To Wear Matching Shoes To Work.

Hate When This Happens.

When You Are Losing At Life

Agggghhhhh Get These Critters Off Me…..Now!

Don’t Open Your Sunroof After Snow.

When You Wake Up To This.

Don’t Leave Your Window Up Before A Snowstorm.

Oh Dear!

Holy Sh*t.

Allergy Test….Guess I’m Allergic To Everything!

Well How Did Your Exam Go?

Turning Up To A Party Like A Ninja!

No Turning Back Now.

That Might Be A More Appropriate Name.

This Just Happened!!

Wonder If My Boss Will Believe Me?

Nicked again…

Should have left some honey behind.

 How did I let this happen?

We have all been there.

Heads Up!! Porcupine Fell From A Tree Right On Top Of Her Head.

Water Stuck By The Paint On The Ceiling.

Oh Dear Don’t You Just Hate When This Happens.

Car Escalators Haven’t Been Invented Just Yet.

When This Happens To The Plane Mid-Flight.

Don’t Park Under A Bird Nest.

When Bad Luck Follows You To The Next Life.

Wonder If Anyone Even Noticed.

Worst Thing That Could Happen On You Way To Work.

Thank God They Din’t Take Another Sip.

Will My insurance Cover This?

Fancy Going In There To Retrieve Your Cell Phone.

Look What Happened When I Opened My Bananas.

Imagine This Snake Appears From The Vent While She Was Driving

On Second Thoughts May I’ll Just Walk.

That Had To Hurt!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket.

You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Anyone Feel His Pain.

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