50 Ridiculously Terrible Fails

Someone never learned how to parallel park…

If a tree fails in the forest and no one is around to take a picture and post it all over the Internet, is it really a fail?

Luckily, you don’t really need to contemplate that philosophical quandary (though you can if you want to), because these fails are the most terrible and amazing on the whole Internet.

The look on his face says it all…

You, ma’am, are on to the right stuff.


The real question is…Why was she wearing an evening ensemble in the shower?

Uh…You missed the mark there a bit, buddy.

As if it was doing something before?

This note sounds vaguely threatening…

Sure, close enough!

Who are you to judge, huh?

Okay, I see, so an A…equals an A? Have I got that right?

Now, is that anything like raining men?

You know what? I think I’ll just go to the other coffee shop down the street…

Pooped crisps…Just like Mom used to make!

By the time she’s in college, it’ll be a liberal arts major.

This lady is failing so hard she’s winning. Rock on, you queen.

The diversity is that they allowed brunettes…

I, for one, hope this isn’t the entrance to the zoo.

Are you sick and tired of overpaying for diabetes?


You are not your job, Kash.

They say there’s a key to every lock…They never said this was the key to that lock, though.


Yup this is definitely the gym…not McDonalds. Not at all…

Perfect time to take a selfie!

“O” for effort?

What would’ve happened if she said no?

Mmmmm, peanut butter and soap! My favorite!

Just think about the implications of this device for one second…

Painted into a corner…literally.

So if it’s not for smoking, what kind of ashes do you put in the ashtray?

Gonna wash those viruses right outta my computer.

I definitely feel safer now.

Wow! Save $0!

He’ll realize eventually…

I heard it on the internet, so I’m not really sure why it didn’t work?

Oh God, not again!

Are those cups recyclable?

It spells out 2015, right there!

Looks like someone let Elsa’s eyes go.


This is totally secure.

Nailed it.

Everyone knows you show ID to the teller…

Never loses suction, but in case it does…

Don’t worry. We didn’t use our own products!

The guilt is shadowed all over her eyelids…

They tried…Sorta.

You just know somebody got fired over this.

What would’ve happened if she said no?

You know that expression “failed so hard they won?” Yeah, it doesn’t apply to these people…

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