40+ Pictures that show the struggles of every modern woman.

40+ Pictures that show the struggles of every modern woman.

Many woman face struggles which their male counterparts don’t have to deal with particularly when it comes to their appearance.

Although it might appear easy getting your nails done, hair curled or straightened, makeup applied, and wearing high heels are daily struggles for women. 

Take a look at the following examples of these hilarious struggles and see if you can relate to any of them.

1. When your nails are too long:

40+ Pictures that show the struggles of every modern woman.

2. You never know where you’ll find your hair next time.

3. It seems like the perfect hair bun doesn’t exist.

4.. …or the perfect shoes either.

5. Sometimes, for the sake of beauty, girls have to turn into a monster.

6. Having long hair is definitely beautiful, but not really practical.

7. That feeling when your favourite bra tries to kill you

8. There’s never enough space for all the bottles.

9. You can just feel the pain in this picture.

10. Sometimes it seems that all your beauty products are against you.

11. When you’re running out of hair ties and the ones that are left look like these:

12. The worst nightmare ever

13. Long nails don’t work well anywhere (not just in the bathroom).

14. When you want to be as close to the mirror as possible:

15. When you shave just where the holes are:

16. Every time you go to a makeup store

17. When your make up is super oily!

18: Your feet start to hurt like hell….

19: Fuzzy Hair

20: Button gap on your blouse.

21: Trying not to ruin your make up with tears.

22: Socialites!!

23: Monthly cycles…

24: Being a mom just comes natural.

25: Staying on top of house cleaning.

26: Walk the walk ladies…

27: Cautious when out drinking…can’t leave drinks unattended.

28: “Must be a woman driver”

29: Always have to be prim and proper!

30: Lost something inside your handbag.

31:Waiting on that phone call…..

32: When you miss a spot!!

33: Waxing your upper lip…

34: Too emotional!

35: The only thing your lip gloss attracts is hair.

36: Overindulging.

37: Men o pause…

38: Painting your own nails.

Or this…

39: Leaving the hair dressers on a rainy day.

40: Trying to squeeze into your favourite jeans.

41: Can’t feel your toes.

42: Packing for a night away.

43: When you feel like you’ve nothing to wear.

44: Just need to buy a new dress…..and other stuff to go with it.


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