40 People who were shamed for doing not-so-smart things

There are some people who want to impress us by doing things which usually go horribly wrong. These crew-ups can arise from ordinary situations where no one could see them coming.

Everyone has their hiccups but what happens when they are captured on camera for all to see?

Take a loot at these people who did the most stupid thing ever which has made everyone cry with laughter.

Certain people should not be allowed fuel their cars.

What happens when you park on ice.

Looks like someone used too much detergent.

Not sure that’s going to fit in there.

One way to make sure you don’t lose the keys.

Make sure to read the instructions first.

Not his day by the looks of it.

Which piece you are getting by the colour!

Extensions are usually meant to be out of sight?

Frost on the bar rail to keep your drink nice and cold.

One patch left to paint.

This device shows you exactly how much storage you have left on it.

I fixed a crack in the lid, my neighbour must have thought we were numbering the bins.

A parent and child swing so you can sit together.

Not my best bath idea.

An adult table, a kid’s table, and a high chair all in one.

Don’t park on the beach.

Stickers that will tell when the avocado is ripe.

How did this even happen.

Choose the level of spice you can handle.

Not my brightest moment.

This indicator will tell you how much is left to pour while your pouring.

A rack for the clothes you want and don’t want.

No more awkward gap in the door while you are trying to go to the toilet in peace.

Remember to open the curlers before you pull it off.

Elevator informs you when its raining outside.

Buttons you can press with your feet in case your hands are full.


An elevator button for the impatient people.

My hair just won’t seem to hold curls…..wonder why?

Baskets to let shopping assistants know if you need assistance.

Don’t put your dog bed in the dryer.

Interactive signs to keep you awake on long journeys.


Pill timer….

Wheres Wally for your entertainment at the dental practice.

Should I say something…

You can shoot soap at other cars in this car wash while you wait.

The perfect checkout line for any parent with children!

When you forget to unplug the fuel nozzle….

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