300 Days Without a Single Seizure For Epileptic Boy Treated With Cannabis

Amazing news out of the UK today as it has been revealed that an 11 year old boy is being treated with Cannabis oil prescribed by the NHS after suffering more than 30 seizures a month.

The boy was prescribed the controversial medicine in the US before his local doctor took over the his treatment in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The actual Cannabis oil prescribed does not contain the chemical component that gives the drugs users their “High”

The boy called the “Epileptic Warrior” by friends and family is doing incredibly well and has been seizure free for more than 300 days and has been making amazing progress with his condition.

Little Billy has even had a Cannabis Oil named after him “Billy’s Bud” and it is legally available to be purchased worldwide!

Many people from around the world have been eagerly following Billy’s story which gives hope to millions of Epilepsy sufferers worldwide and even though Billy lives in a tiny village in the countryside 600 people are expected to attend a fund raising event in his name.

We will continue to follow Billy’s journey and hope that he stays “Seizure Free” for many more years to come.

Share  this amazing story if you know someone suffering from seizures who may benefit from this groundbreaking new treatment.


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